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  1. Monsters and Their Attributes
    Mythical monsters and those of the new
    technology, their origins and attributes.

  2. Construction of the Horror Story: Setting
    From hostile nature to haunted houses, the settings
    of tales of horror create an unconventional state of time.

  3. Construction of the Horror Story: Characterization
    The triad configuration of characters and their relationships.
    Variations in characterization and auxiliary characters.

  4. Construction of the Horror Story: Plot
    Encounters: earthly meets unearthly.

  5. Madonnas
    Mother goddesses to the Virgin Mary.

  6. Background of the Christ Story: Historical
    Diaspora and conquest shape the history of the Holy Land.

  7. Background of the Christ Story: Political
    The religiopolitical parties of Palestine: Pharisees,
    Sadducees, Essenes and Zealots.

  8. Background of the Christ Story: Philosophical
    The Divine Mission unfolds against a turbulent
    confluence of syncretistic ideas and beliefs.

  9. The Intertestamental Writings
    The bridge between the Old and New Covenants.

  10. The Messiah
    Superhero to supernatural being.

  11. The Christ Story: Setting, Characterizations and Plot
    Apocalyptic and natural settings,
    the Holy Triad, Divine encounters.

  12. A Comparison of the Horror Story
    and the Christ Story
    Shared similarities of the apparently dissimilar.

  13. Horror in the Horror Story
    When common relationships turn uncommon.

  14. Horror in the Christ Story
    The nature of the uncommon encounter.

  15. Incest
    The prerogative of the gods.

  16. Pornography
    Contemporary expression for a psychological antiquity.

  17. Anti-Semitism
    The paradox of Jesus: Jewish man and Christian God.